If you decided to use one of our services this is what you have to do next. Fill out the form on this page and your ticket will be automatically  entered in the system. At the end of the form you will be redirected to the address and the service form page.
  • Fill Out Mail-In Repair Form

    Please fill out the form on the page in order to get your device checked in prior to mail it in. By filling out this form a ticket is opened in our system and your device is automatically checked in.

  • Ship Your Device To Us

    After the form is successfully done, you will see the shipping address and service form. Please fill out the form with all the informations requested.

    * Print the form and include it in the package

  • We will handle the rest

    • We will receive the device
    • We will fix the device as quickly as possible
    • You will provide payment and we’ll send your device back within 7 business days (unless contacted otherwise)